BLONDE Cold Reflection Hair Booster 60ml

BLONDE Cold Reflection Hair Booster 60ml

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The hair lightening process doesn’t only aim to make your hair lighter; rather, the idea is to create a chromatic neutrality, effectively contrasting the residues of melanin and yellow-orange pigments which are sometimes impossible to eliminate only through bleaching.

For this reason we have created, within the BLONDE line, a special additive that is formulated to act together with Insight’s bleaching powders and incolor. The Cold reflection hair booster will therefore transform the bleaching blend (or dye) you are using into a tailor-made product, suitable for every situation. This will help you obtain a perfect neutrality of the chosen tone of blonde as well as calibrate lightening.

How to use: Mix the three components following the instructions of the product you are mixing it with:

• Bleaching product or oxidation dye;

• Activator;

• Booster in variable dose according to the starting hair colour (see information tables), or increasing the quantity to make the cool reflections more pronounced.

BUT WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT UNIQUE? It is the possibility to customize the technical service, dosing the amount of additive based on the starting point and the result you want to reach.

Application time: From 10 to 60 min. We recommend progressive visual monitoring.

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